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Experience a wonderful family getaway in the Pays de Chasseral, in complete safety and at affordable prices.

With this travel notebook, travel through the region, enjoy exclusive advantages at 19 regional partners, document your getaway with your children and enter the contest. For a day or forever, the Pays de Chasseral opens its arms wide to you!

The travel notebook is available from all the partners in the diary as well as from Bernese Jura Tourism Moutier, La Neuveville, Saint-Imier.

You can view it from Monday 13 July and it is available free of charge from our partners until 31 August 2020.

Explore the region with this travel diary, enjoy exclusive advantages at 19 regional partners, document your escapade with your children and take part in the big contest!

More information on the website of Bernese Jura Tourism


Fromagerie Spielhofer SA

10% discount at the shop and free visit

Enjoy a breathtaking view in the production premises and discover the cheeses in a fitted out cellar. The family-owned company Spielhofer AG offers a warm and friendly setting to learn all about the production of Tête de Moine PDO.

The offer is not cumulative.

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Maison de la Tête de Moine

½ Tête de Moine offered at the Bistrot from 2 persons onwards

Tête de Moine PDO is above all the taste of a region, over 800 years of know-how and a unique way of eating. Immerse yourself in history through a discovery trail, a cheese dairy with wood-fired production, a cheese cellar, tastings of local products and a bistrot.

The offer is not cumulative.

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